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Zubair shared with Verdenspresen, 6 useful and practical tips about how to find a job in Denmark. You will get some more insights about the Danish labour market and how to approach it.

This is how you find your dream job in Denmark

“There are many jobs in Denmark, but one needs to make an effort to get one”, says Zubair Quraishi, co-founder at NemCV, a little organization that offers free help to foreigners who want to find a job  in Denmark, which matches their education.

He has worked for many years as a volunteer at NemCV. When Zubair Quraishi, came to Denmark 6 years ago, he has also found it difficult to find a job. Now he has just found his dream job at Novo Nordisk.

I think that it’s possible to find a job, also for expats, because many expats have a high education. Many have the wrong expectations. They think that it’s easy to find a job in Denmark, but it requiers effort.

Zubair Quraishi

Zubair shared with Verdenspresen 6 useful and practical tips about how one can find a job in Denmark. You will get some more insights about the Danish labour market and how to approach it.

1.Tidy up on the internet

Where should one start with searching for a job? When you find and interesting job ad, you should not start with writing the job application.

First you should tidy up on the internet, so that a possible employer can’t see your private photos on Facebook or your old CV on LinkedIn.

Find job denmark

2. Call the company

"You should call the company, before you send your application. In many countries it’s not normal to call a company to get more information about the job. It’s normal in Denmark.

There is no reason to send an application, if you don’t have the qualifications, the company is looking for.

Call and get a no, so that you don’t use energy to apply for a job you are not going to get anyway. When you get many nos, you get better at finding the right companies.”

3. Job application

Another important thing is writing a very concrete and precise job application. Read carefully the job ad. Eventually copy the job ad in your application, while working on it. This way you are sure to relate to all the requirements in the ad.

Find job in denmark

4. Short and precise CV

When you get a yes from a company to send your application, your CV should be short and precise.

“Many think that a CV should be on max. 2 pages, but no one reads all your CV. It should be possible to read it in a few seconds.

The employer looks at your name, photo, professional experience, job title and why you are in Denmark. It’s important that your job title is very precise.”

5. Network

It’s good to have a network. ”Many claim that it’s difficult to get a network in Denmark, but it’s not true. In many countries, one can have a good network if their family is rich or has influence. The network in Denmark is about trust, that’s why all can have a network”, says Zubair.

6. Learn Danish

Last, but not least knowing Danish is of course important. But, you can look for jobs even though you don’t speak Danish yet. Apply for jobs that are written in English. 10% of all the job ads are written in English.

Learn Danish with Copenhagen Language Center

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