Education Day

Thank you for visiting our Education Day last week. We appreciate you stopping by and hope you found the answers you were looking for. Our next Education Day will take place in April 2017.

Information about education and career

What would you like to do, when you finish language school? A question many of our students ask themselves.

Thursday October 27th, we held our twice-anually Education Day at Copenhagen Language Center. Our students were able to drop by and receive inspiration for further education and career in Denmark.

We had invited:

  • KVUC
  • International House
  • FIF
  • FVU - preparatory adult education
  • GIF

Time and place

Our next education day takes place April 2017

Place: The student cafe at Københavns Sprogcenter, Flæsketorvet 60, 1711 København V

Pictures from our last Education Day

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