Danish vocabulary for summer in Denmark

To some of us summer in Denmark can truly sound like a myth. Nevertheless, knowing some Danish summer vocabulary can always come in handy when you want to ask for that second scoop of ice cream, or to prepare for when temperatures might reach over 25 degrees.

Is Danish summer the best day of the year?

Summer seems to have returned to Denmark, so the Danes are naturally melting away. One thing is for sure, Danes are not used to surviving long periods with temperatures over 21 degrees. Their irritability threshold decreasses considerabily, during these "heat waves". Weekends are excluded, of course.

Since, for the past couple of years, we have been blessed with nice and warm summers in Denmark, we have prepared some useful Danish summer vocabulary. Please keep in mind that Danes always like to complain about the weather. It is either too cold ( for koldt), too hot (for varmt), or rainy (regnvejr) all the time.  So put on your flip-flops and complain about how unbearably hot this summer is.

En Strandløve

Summer Danish vocabulary

Just to get you started, we have put together this brief list with Danish summer vocabulary.

The 'don't take it literally' Danish vocabulary

Slikke sol ... [lick sun] To soak up the sun

Solbrændt ... [sun burnt] Tanned

Solskoldet ... [sun scalded] Sunburnt

Strandløve ... [beach lion] A muscular and tanned man at the beach. 

Danish phrases and sayings to use on a hot summer day

Jeg sveder som en svin ... [I am sweating like a hog] This expression is basically the same as the English to sweat like a pig.
Jeg sveder tran ... [I am sweating whale oil] It means that it's extremely hot and you are sweating like there is no tomorrow.
Det er varmt som en bageovn ... [It's warm as a baking oven] Well ... this metaphor is quite clear - it's extremely hot.
Gå til i varmen ... [Go to in the heat] It's so hot that you have lost faith in humanity, and believe that the heat is going to kill us all!
Jeg er ved at smelte ... [I am about to melt]  It's melting hot out there.
Skal vi tage ud og bade? ... [Should we take out and bath?]  Do you want to go for a swim?
Skal vi grille i aften? ... [Should we grill tonight?]  Do you want to have a barbeque tonight?
Skal vi tage på stranden? ... [Should we take on the beach?] Do you want to go to the beach?
danish expressions a hot potato
En varm kartoffel - illustration by Chiara Nicola
Danish summer vocabulary

From warm to burning hot in Danish

On a temperature scale from warm to burning hot, you can use the following to describe the sweet Danish summer weather.

Det er lunt ... It's moderately warm.

Det er varmt ... It's hot.

Det er meget varmt ... It's very hot.

Det er stegende hedt ... [It's frying steamy] It's extremely hot.


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Looking for more ways to talk about the Danish weather? Check out our post with vocabulary for winter and for a rainy day.

By the way, did you know that FVU Danish is a free Danish course that focuses on improving your writing, reading and spelling skills in Danish? Just putting it out there 🙂

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