Danish traditions: April Fool’s Day

On the first day of April, Danes celebrate April Fool’s Day (Aprilsnar) with great enthusiasm. This is one of those rare moments, where Danes put their GREAT sense of humour into action. On this particular day, we recommend that you keep your eyes wide open. You should be extremely sceptical of anything you read in the newspaper and question everything family, friends and colleagues tell you.

Trust absolutely no one!!

Danish April Fool's Day

How to Celebrate April Fools’ Day in Denmark

Our latent pranking genes are triggered for real on April 1st. Suddenly, it's completely acceptable to do awful things to the people you care about and get away with it because of an ancient tradition. Even official institutions happily play along. All self-respecting news outlets will post far-fetched stories that have absolutely nothing to do with reality. Even authorities like the police can be in on it. Once again, trust absolutely no one!!

To join in on the general April Fool's Day mayhem, all you need to do is to trick or prank someone fx.:

  • Convince your partner that your mother is coming to visit... for a whole month.
  •  Tell your colleagues that your new religion doesn't allow you to work on Mondays.
  • Replace your flatmates' toothpaste with remoulade.

We are not going to fool you. Instead, we’ll expand your prank vocabulary and introduce some of the good, bad and the questionable pranks that we've seen:

April Fool's Day

Words you need to know for April Fool's Day

Danish vocabulary for April Fool’s Day

Aprilsnar! - April's Fool! (use this expression when you have succesfully tricked somebody)

Den 1. april - April 1st

 Vittighed - joke

Skæg og ballade –fun and trickery

 Sjov - funny

Narre – trick/fool

Narrestreger – pranks

Humor - humour

Nar – fool

Lave sjov - play a joke

Røverhistorie - Tall story / unbelievable story

Spøgefugl - prankster

Let at narre – easy to trick

At drille - to tease

At lyve - to lie

Løgn - Lie

Danish Phrases You Can Use on April Fools’ Day

Danish expressions to use as the cheater

Jeg snød dig! - I tricked you!

Tage  nogen ved næsen [Take someone by the nose] - to cheat somebody

Løbe om hjørner med [Run around corners with] - run rings around

Drive gæk med - make a fool of someone

Bilde nogen noget ind - Pull somebody's leg

Snyde nogen så vandet driver [Cheat someone so the water flows]

At tage gas på nogen - to prank somebody

Danish expressions to use as the cheatee

Du snød mig! - You cheated me!

Hoppe på limpinden [jump on the glue stick]

Falde i med begge ben [Fall in with both legs]

Tage røven på mig [Take the arse on me]

Tage pis på mig [Take piss on me]

Laver du sjov med mig? Are you making fun of me?

Der fik du mig! You got me!


Some of the coolest April Fools’ pranks in Denmark

Below comes some of the good, bad and the questionable Danish pranks that we've seen:

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