Danish slang 2.1

If you want to be one of the cool kids in Denmark, you need to learn some slang. We have put together a few common Danish slang words and phrases to help you understand the natives.

Danish slang for the cool kids

We can all agree that knowing how to use slang in a new language really makes a difference when trying to speak with the locals. We know that when you are learning Danish, you get to learn a lot about grammar and day to day vocabulary. There is never enough time left to learn the cool Danish lingo and what slang expressions to use. No worries, we’ve got your back!

We have put together some of the most used words to express that something is awesome, to express surprise, doubt and to briefly describe day-to-day situations.

Level 1 – Words to express awesomeness and more

 Sindssygt [Crazy] … Crazy, but in a good way. On a daily basis it's used to express that something is crazy good.

 Seriøst? [Seriously?] … Use it to express a bit of doubt and to ask for confirmation of what you just heard.

 Sejt [Cool] … People and situations can be ‘sej’.

 Fedt [Fat] … If something is ‘fat’ it means it’s cool or awesome. You can’t use ‘fed’ if you want to say that someone is cool or awesome. Use ‘sej’ for people.

 Skidegod  [Top-notch/ brilliant/damn fine] … The direct translation is 'shit good'. Use it to emphasize that something is damn fine (party, work achievements etc.). People can’t be ‘skidegod’.

 Lækkert [Delicious/tasty/hot] … Similar to sweet and hot. A guy or girl can be ‘lækker’, a new car or phone can also be 'lækker'. Even a few situations can be ‘lækker’.

 Kender du det? [Do you know what I mean?] ... Ask for confirmation that the person listening to you is still following what you are saying.

Kanon [Cannon] ... Use this word to describe something awesome.

Sådan [Like that] ...Use this word when you want to say 'nice job', that's it', or 'it's done/finished'.

Skønt [Great/lovely]

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Daniosh slang

Level 2– Some slang

 Mega grineren! [The mega laugh] … Meaning it’s lid, a complete riot and a total laugh!

Super nederen! [The super downer] … Use it for something extremely stupid or really annoying.

 Pissefedt! [P*ss fat] … Completly swag, or something extremely awesome.

 Sygt nok! [Sick enough] … Use it when something is good or really great.

 F*ck, hvor lækkert! [F*ck, how delicious] … Something is wicked cool.

 Vildt kikset [Wild fail] … Use it when something is really awkward or a complete fail.

Danish slang

For more Danish slang, you can read our 'Beer slang' post. Do you know any other Danish slang that could help our students?

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Want to learn more Danish? We offer both in-person and online courses. Check out all available upcoming Danish classes.


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