Danish pronunciation with vegetables

Learn what the most common vegetables are called in Danish. Danes also love to put vegetables in idioms and expressions. We have collected a bunch of the funny ones.

Vegetables in Danish

Going to the Danish supermarket can be sometimes tricky, especially if  you don’t know for sure what you are buying. Since vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet, let’s take it from there.

Learn the names of the most common vegetables and how to pronounce them in Danish. As with everything else, Danes also love to use vegetables in idioms and expressions. We have collected a bunch of the funny ones.

Tip – In other countries, vegetables are normally sold by kg. or some other form of measurement. Not in Denmark. Most of the supermarkets or grocery stores sell them by piece. So, when you see the price check if it also says next to it pr. STK. It’s short for 'per stykke' which means per unit, per piece.

The vegetables

Disclaimer:  We are from Vesterbro and our knowledge of vegetables is limited. We are no botanical experts, for sure 🙂

Danish expressions and idioms with vegetables

Now that you know what the different vegetables are called in Danish and how to pronounce them, let's take it to the next level. We have collected some of the funniest expressions and idioms.

to go cucumber - Danish idioms and sayings

Surt løg [Sour onion] ... A grumpy, critical person.

Gå agurk [Go cucumber] ... Go bananas.

Ikke en bønne [Not a bean] ... Absolutely nothing.

Træde i spinaten [Step in the spinach] ... To say or do sth stupid.

Heldig kartoffel  [Lucky potato] ... Lucky person.

Salatfad [Salad bowl] ... Slang for prisoner transport vehicle.

En varm kartoffel [A hot potato] ... A hot potato/ A difficult situation.

Gøre kål på noget/nogen [Do cabbage on something/someone] ... Deal with someone/something quickly.

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King carrot and other Danish expressions

Klare ærterne [Handle the peas] ... Solve the problems.

Pisk eller gulerod [Whip or carrot] ... Motivated by punishment or reward.

Hyppe sine egne kartofler [Earth ones own potatoes] ... Follow one's own interest.

Spille kong gulerod [Play king carrot] ... Act superior or be stuck-up.



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