Danish phrases with eyes

We've found some funny Danish expressions with eye/s, Use them in your day-to-day Danish to make sure everything is ‘right in the eye’!

When it comes to language learning, it gets challenging to put all that vocabulary into practice. We have found some easy to remember expressions with eye/s (  øje/øjne), you can use in your day-to-day Danish.

Good to remember: One of the most common Danish words with 'eye' is  'et øjeblik’. You have probably already heard it several times (if you haven’t you will for sure). It means ‘a moment’ and Danes will use it, when they want you to wait for a moment or two.

If you want to be polite you can use it like this: 'Vent venligst et øjeblik '(please wait one moment). If you are in a hurry you can just say: 'Et øjeblik.

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Få et blåt øje - Get a black eye

'Få et blåt øje' and other Danish phrases

 Få en på øjet [Get one on the eye]...Take a quick nap.

Få øjne [Get eyes] ... To wake up.

 Få et blåt øje [Get a blue eye] ... Get a black eye/a shiner.

 Blåøjet [Blue-eyed] ... Naive, starry-eyed.

 Under fire øjne [Under four eyes] ... In private.

'Lige i øjet!' - Danish phrases with eyes

 Få øje på [Get eye on] ... If you get eyes on sth/sby, you catch sight of them/it.

 Have øjne i nakken [Have eyes in the nape of the neck] ... If you are able to sense everything around you.

 Koste det hvide ud af øjnene [Cost the white out of the eyes] ... Denmark is expensive and even Danes complain that everything costs an arm and a leg.

 Øjne på stilke [Eyes on stems] ... If someone is curious, watchful and/or nosy.

 Ikke et øje [Not an eye] ... When a place is empty, completely deserted.

 Have et godt øje til en [Have a good eye to someone] ... If you have a crush on or fancy somebody.

 Lige i øjet! [Right in the eye] ... When something is just right, spot on!

 Ude af øje, ude af sind [Out of eye, out of mind] ... Danish expression for out of sight, out of mind.

 Ikke et øje tørt [Not an eye dry] ... This expression is used when something is very touching and/or stirred the crowd.

 For dine blå øjnes skyld [For you blue eyes' fault] ... Only for you.

Danish phrases with eyes

Some extra Danish phrases

 Det blotte øje [The bare eye] ... The naked eye.

 Det indre øje [The interior eye] ... The mind's eye.

 Med lukkede øjne [With closed eyes] ... With one's eyes shut.

 Øjesten [Eye rock] ... Apple of one's eye.

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