Danish idioms, expressions and phrases

Here comes a brand new and ‘freshly baked’ collection of Danish expressions, phrases and idioms. As usual we have added pronunciation and sentences to help you understand how the expressions can be used. God fornøjelse!

Danish idioms, expressions and phrases

Here comes a brand new and ‘freshly baked’ collection of Danish idioms, expressions and phrases. One thing is for sure, you can never get enough of these extremely funny language constructions.

Some Danes might give you a skeptical look when you will be using some of them. Probably they have never used them themselves. If that is the case, then you have a certain upper hand here and can start an entertaining conversation with your Dane of choice.

Danish idioms, expressions and phrases

En sukkergris

As a farming country, it’s not surprising that pigs play a quite important role in the Danish language. If you have a sweet tooth, a Dane might describe you as a ‘sugar pig’.

Jeg er helt vild med søde sager, så, ja, du kan kalde mig en ægte sukkergris. (I am really crazy about sweets, so, yes you can call me a real ’sugar pig’.)

Delicious hering danish expression

En lækker sild

To be a ’delicious hering’ is a great compliment in Danish. Danes use this phrase to describe a ‘hot’ woman.

The sexist connotation is clear, so we advise you to not go around and say this to people you don’t really know. Using it as joke and/or among friends is highly recommended.  

Hun er en lækker sild. (She is a ‘hot’ woman.)

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En lille fjer på

Having ‘a small feather on’ in Danish, means that you are slightly intoxicated. On a scale from sober to drunk, if you have ‘a small feather on’ you are tipsy. As a synonym to this expression, you can also use  ‘ikke helt appelsinfri’ (‘not entirely orange free’).

Det er ok at få en lille fjer på til fredagsbar med kollegaer. (It’s ok to get slightly intoxicated, at a Friday bar with colleagues.)  

Lokummet brænder

Lokummet brænder

If a Dane says that ‘the loo is on fire’, you better pay attention, because sh*t is about to hit the fan any moment now.

Selvom lokummet brander, har vi masser af lort at grine at [Even though the loo is on fire, have we a lot of sh*t to laugh at] ... Even when there is trouble, there is enough stuff to laugh at.

Så! Nu brænder lokummet ... [So! Now burns the loo] ... So (that's it)! Now sh*t is about to hit the fan.

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