Danish homophones

This page is about the homophones and other tricky words that make you go ARGH in Danish language. A homophone is a word that has (nearly) the same sound as another word but has different spelling and meaning:

Vejr (weather)  Værd (worth)  Hver (each)  Vær (the imperative of to be)

Sooo ... could you tell them apart? 😉

Don't let homophones drive you insane

Danish words that makes you go ARGH

The above homophones can make almost any Danish language learner shudder. But before you convince yourself to give up on this entire language-learning thing, let us try to reassure you:

  1. All languages have homophones and they promote giggles but are rarely a problem in every-day conversation.
  2. Most Danes can’t hear the difference either.
  3. The context will usually let you guess the correct word.

Danish words that make you go ARGH!

New language learners not only have to worry about the true Danish homophones. They might also struggle with words easily distinguished by native Danish speakers.

The words below are examples of similar words that can be a real challenge for our students: Try if you can identify the very slight nuances:

 Fulde (drunk) –  fugle (birds)

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Danish homophones - back to you ...

Could you tell the difference? And what other words confuse you in Danish? Leave a comment and let us know. Did you know that the little Danish word 'Nå' can be pronounced in up to 10 different ways?


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  • Xi

    Already completely lost with vejr, værd, hver, vær…

  • Anders

    The word “så” has several different meanings, like: to sow, I saw

  • Chris

    My English Dad always mixes up ræv (fox), rav (amber), røv (arse), rev (reef), riv (to rip).
    There’s also kylling (chick), kælling (bitch, vulg.), killing (kitten).

  • Renata

    I found this very difficult! I am trying to learn Danish with Babbel but the spelling and pronunciation are incredibly difficult! I will never manage!

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