Danish expressions with hair

Some of the funniest Danish expressions with hair just for you. Also, if you plan to visit the hairdresser soon, here's some useful hair-related Danish vocabulary.

Danish expressions with hair

Ever wondered how come Danes have perfect hair (  hår) even after biking in the rain/storm/ wind/snow/hurricane? Well, we have no idea. What we do know is that there are many Danish expressions with hair. We have collected 14 of the funniest.

Read through our blog and also find some useful vocabulary that you can maybe use when you go the hairdresser (  frisør).

Danish expressions with hair

14 Danish expressions whit hair

 Charme, selvtillid & lækkert hår [Charm, self-confidence and delicious hair] ... got swag / confident attitude.

 Stå med håret/skægget i postkassen [Stand with the hair/beard in the letterbox] ... be powerless in a problematic situation.

Hår i suppen [Hair in the soup]  ... small error/detail.

 Ikke et hår bedre [Not a hair better]  ... not the least bit better.

 Ondt i håret [Pain in the hair] ... hangover.

 På et hængende hår [On a hanging hair] ... at the last minute.

 Hive sig selv op ved håret [Pull oneself up by the hair] ... pull oneself together.

 Få kam til sit hår [Get comb to one's hair] ... face a big challenge.

 Få grå hår i hovedet [Get grey hair in the head] ... worry a lot.

 Håret sat op til narrestreger [The hair put up for tricks] ... ready to party.

 Stryge med hårene [Stroke with the hairs] ... try to please someone.

 Med hud og hår [With skin and hair] ... completly/absolutely.

 Have hår på brystet [Have hair on the chest]  ... to be strong and brave/bold.

  Rive sig i håret [Tear oneself in the hair] … not knowing what one should do.

Danish expressions with hair

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Hair related - Danish vocabulary

If you want to use your Danish language skills when going to the hairdresser, have a look below. The most common hair related words plus pronunciation.

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