Danish expressions with fish

Danes use all sorts of funny expressions. This time read our blog on Danish expressions with fish and our little guide to types of fish that you might (or might not) find in the Danish supermarkets.

Fishy business – Danish expressions with fish

Danes surely love their fish. As a proof of that, check all these Danish expressions with fish. You can give compliments, or say that someone is stupid … all this by using the ‘right’ kind of fish.

Read through this blog post and find out what some of the most common types of fish are called in Danish. Who knows, maybe it'll help you easier identify what fish to buy in the Danish supermarkets.

gå i fisk danish expressions

 Dum som en torsk [Stupid as a codfish]...Very stupid.

 Gå i fisk [Go in fish] ... Fail/Go wrong/Be unsuccessful.

 Trække torsk i land [Drag/pull codfish to shore] ... Snore really loudly.

 Ikke en rød reje [Not a red shrimp] ...  No money at all / broke.

 Åleslank [Eel slim] ... Used to say somebody is very slim.


 En underlig fisk [A strange fish] ... A strange/odd person.

 Frisk som en fisk [Fresh as a fish] ... Fit as a fiddle/ healthy.

 Have det som en fisk i vandet [Have it like a fish in the water] ... Feel at home / feel on top of the world.

 En lækker sild [A delicious herring] ... A beautiful, sexy woman.

 Hverken fugl eller fisk  [Neither bird nor fish] ... Not one thing or another.

 Stå som sild i en tønde [Stand like herring in a barrel] ... Stand really close - packed like sardines in a tin.

 Død som en sild [Dead like a herring] ... Dead as a doornail.

Pronunciation for different types of fish

danish expressions with fish

Back to you

You have all tried to pronunce 'rødgrød med fløde' righ? Here is another pronounciation challenge, with fish this time røget ørred, which means 'smoked trout'.

Do you have any questions and/or comments? Drop us a line. If you want more Danish pronunciation, we recommend our blog posts on animals, vegetables and fruit.


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