Danish expressions with animals

Learn how to pronounce some of the funniest Danish expressions with animals. We have added to the mix, a list with Danish pronunciation of some of the most common and uncommon animals and insects.

Animals in Danish

We thought that it would be useful for all the Danish language learners out there, to know how to name and pronounce animals in Danish … plus a number of Danish expressions with animals.

We don’t know much about animals, but we hope to help you with your Danish pronunciation.

Danish expressions with animals

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Der er ingen ko på isen [There is no cow on the ice]  .... There are no problems.

 En tudse i halsen [A toad in the throat] ... Feel a need to clear your throat.

 Have en bjørn på [Have a bear on] ... To be tipsy/drunk.

 Se giraffen [See the giraffe] ... See somebody famous or important (to you).

 Gå i ged [Go in goat] ... Make a mess of things.

 Sluge en kamel [Swallow a camel] ... Accept something you don't like.

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 Have rotter på loftet [Have rats on the attic] ... Be crazy

 En hund efter noget [A dog after something] ... A sucker for something.

 Sommerfugle i maven [Summer birds in the stomach] ... To have butterflies in the stomach. To be nervous and/or excited.

 Klap lige hesten [Just pat the horse] ... Calm down and relax/take it easy.

 Krybe i et musehul [Crawl in a mousehole] ... To be embarrassed.

 Så er den ged barberet [So is that goat shaved] ... The work is done/the problem is solved. 

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Danish pronunciation for animals

Here are some of the most common and uncommon animals we could think of. There are quite a few animal names in Danish, formed by putting two different words together. What better way to work on your vocabulary? 😉

Danish expressions with animals

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