Danish dating lingo

Are you still looking for your Valentine, or maybe you have already found her/ him? Choose your favorite pet name for your sweetheart, give compliments, or use some of the more daring ways of saying that someone is hot.
Danish dating lingo
Danish dating lingo
Choose your favorite pet name for your sweetheart, give compliments, or use some of the more daring ways of saying that someone is hot.
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Improve your Danish dating vocabulary

Most languages have some special words and phrases for dating ... And the Danish language is no exception. Check out a few possible and impossible Danish endearments or try out some Danish dating lingo for beginners.

WARNING: This post might make you feel slightly nauseous, due to its high content of cheesiness.


LEVEL 1: Dating lingo for beginners

These are some of the most basic phrases we could come up with for dating or for trying to find a date. Enjoy!

Skal vi danse?  … [Shall we dance?]

Har du lyst til…? … [Do you want to…?]

Jeg ringer til dig… [I’ll call you…]

Jeg elsker dig … [I love you]

 Kommer du ofte her? ... [Do you come here often?]

Danish dating lingo

LEVEL 2: How to say a hot babe or a stud

ATTENTION! Use these phrases wisely! They are definitely funny for Danish language learners. Context wise, they need to be said to the right people. Preferably strangers or friends (as a fun remark only).

Dejlig steg … [Lovely roast] You can use this one for both women and men

Laber Larve … [Hot caterpillar] Only for women

Lækker sild … [Delicious herring] Only for women

Godt hug … [Good stroke/cut] Only for men

Frækkert  ..  [Naughty/saucy person] For both women and men

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Danish compliments

LEVEL 3: Give compliments

Giving compliments is always a good idea. We are obviously suggesting you some of the cheesiest ones. So, remember to not overdo it. 

Hvor er du skøn … [How lovely you are]

Du er smuk … [You are beautiful]

Du er mit livs lys ... [You are the light of my life]

Du er sgu så sej … [You’re so damn cool]

Du er den bedste … [You are the best]

Jeg er vild med dit smil … [I am crazy about your smile]

Pet names

LEVEL 4: Endearments in Danish

Most of you already know, that calling your significant other ’bae’ in Denmark won’t be popular. So what kind of pet names will work? 

Skat … [My treasure] Variations: skattemus, skatter

Pus … [Sweetie] Variations: pusser or pusling

Mus … [Mouse] Variations: sukkermus, puttemus, honningmus

Sveske … [Prune] Variations: sveskegøj, sveskemus

Puttegøj … [Silly preson]

Bamse … [Teddy bear]

Danish dating words

Do you know more Danish sayings and expressions to extend the Danish dating lingo? Don't  keep them to yourself and drop us a comment 🙂

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