Danish beer slang made easy

The Danes really do love their beer and after a few rounds, they’ll get both friendlier and chattier. We have prepared a bit of Danish beer lingo and encourage you to practise in order to become a real connoisseur of Danish beer slang.

Learn Danish beer slang - it's good for you

Beer is a really social drink here in Denmark. People get both chattier and friendlier after a few rounds. Beer is also a great way to meet Danes and impress them with your Danish language skills. P.S. You actually don’t need to drink the beer, just use it as a conversation starter.

Start with the basics:

Before getting to the advanced stuff, we'll start with the basic Danish words for beer:


 Fadøl[draught beer]

 Flaskeøl[bottled beer]

 Dåseøl ... [canned beer]

Take it to the next level. Here comes the beer slang. Use wisely!

Bajer/bajser [beer] … you can use this to order regular beer, but originally it referred to beer from Bayern (Bavaria).

 2 kolde/ grønne fra kassen [two cold/ green ones from the crate] … the explanation is simple – 2 beers preferably cold and maybe in green bottles.

Kvajebajer [Mess up brew] … One of the best kind of beers to receive – buy this beer to someone to express you messed up and want to apologise.

 Fadbamse [keg/draught teddy bear] … draught beer.

 Håndbajer [hand beer] … beer drunk from the bottle.

 Øl med krave [beer with collar] … strong beer.

 Julebryg [Christmas brew] … strong beer that can be bought from November until Christmas.

 Weekend-kuffert [weekend suitcase] … crate of beer.

 Øl med sidevogn [beer with sidecar] … beer with aquavit (snaps) on the side.

 Fyraftensøl [closing-time beer] … after-work beer.

 Samfundshjælper [community helper] … A bottle opener (good idea to have one on your keychain).

 Reparationsbajer [recovery brew] … beer for the day after… meant to fix a hangover.

 Øl, fisse og hornmusik [beer, p***y and brass music] … the Danish version of ´beer, sex and rock'n'roll´.

Danish beer slang

Beer and the Danes

Beer plays a significant role in Danish culture. Did you know that Danes have been drinking beer for around 5000 years? It used to be the women’s job to brew beer, until man took over, in the Middle Ages. Beer was thought to have healing benefits and it used to be used as medicine as well.

Today, the prefered types of beer in Denmark, are pilsner and classic. Statistically speaking, an average Dane drinks around 65 liters of beer every year.


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  • Nunu

    Reparationsbajer er også kendt i England som “hair of the dog” ? guderne må vide hvorfor…

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      The full phrase is “Hair of the dog that bit you”, ie. a bit more of what initially caused you pain 😉

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    Fedt med øl lingo! Hvem mangler det ikke? Jeg vil gerne tilføje ordet “Hof”, som bruges i stedet for Carlsberg synes jeg… Måske nogen øl ekspert kender lidt mere om det.

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    To grønne fra kassen: to grøn Tuborg i stuetemperatur!

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