Common Danish words and expressions with fruit

Learn how to pronounce the most common Danish words with fruits. As a bonus we have included some funny Danish expressions that contain fruit.

Fruit in Danish

We're feeling fruity and have compiled this tasty blog with Danish fruit (  frugt) expressions. Click the sound icons to listen to the Danish pronunciation. Enjoy!

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Idioms and expressions with fruit

As you have probably noticed, Danes love to use day to day objects in expressions and idioms. Fruit are no exception. These are our top 12 favorite.

Danish expressions with fruit

Bide i det sure æble [Bite in the sour/angry apple] ... To accept something unwillingly.

Få en appelsin i turbanen [Get an orange in the turban] ... Have luck.

 En hård banan [A hard/tough banana] ... A hard/tough person.

Presse citronen [Squeeze the lemon] ... Get the most out of something.

Sur som en citron [Sour like a lemon] ... When someone is angry/grumpy.

Ikke helt appelsinfri [Not completely orange free] ... Not completely sober.

Danish expressions with fruit

En sløv banan [A sluggish banana] ... A slow/lazy person.

At give (eller få) en på bærret [To give or get one on the berry] ... To hit or get hit in the face.

Spise kirsebær med de store [Eat cherries with the big (ones)] ... Surround yourself with your betters.

Et surt ribs [A sour redcurrant] ... A grumpy person.

Stikkelsbærben [Gooseberry legs] ... Pale, skinny and hairy legs.

Pakke sine sydfrugter [Pack one's south fruit] ... Pack one's things and leave.

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The fruit

Sooner or later we all need to buy fruit in Denmark. Let’s work on how to pronounce the different fruit in Danish. Next time you go to the supermarket or the greengrocer’s ( grønthandler) set the goal to ask in Danish about fruit.

We think that these are the most common fruit found in Denmark. Please bear in mind that we are no fruit experts 🙂

Danish expressions with fruit

Back to you

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