Should you change Danish course?

Every month there are students who change their Danish courses, from Danish course 2 to Danish course 3 or the other way around. Read more about their experiences and thoughts.

Is it time to change Danish course?

Every month there are students who change Danish course, from Danish course 2 to Danish course 3, or the other way around. Some of the students are a bit nervous when, they reach the conclusion that they should change to a new Danish course. This means that they will start in a new class, have other teachers, new books, a new learning space and a new way of being thought. Luckily, the most are happy with their new Danish courses.

Everyone has their own way of learning a language. Some think that it’s hard work. Others love to find the details in a language, find new words and work on their pronunciation. Others think that grammar is so boring. But, they are good at having a direct conversation and they improve by speaking and listening.

VERDENSPRESSEN has talked with some of the students who have tried to change from Danish course 2 to Danish course 3 and the other way around. Read more about their experiences and thoughts:

Change Danish Course

Shiela and Rahul - from D2 to D3

Shiela from the Philippines and Rahul from India, are in the same morning class and they are taking Danish course 3 (module 2). Both of them have changed from Danish course 2 to Danish course 3. 
What is the biggest difference between Danish 2 and Danish 3?
"We work with grammar more than before and sometimes it can be difficult. We also discuss current events and news articles. That is exciting.  In this way we also learn more about Denmark and about the countries we are all coming from".
Rahud thinks that the teaching and learning pace of the Danish course 3 is much faster. All the other students are really good and this pressures oneself to get better all the time. Both of them say that it’s very challenging to learn Danish in the Danish course 3.
What about the homework?
“The biggest difference is that we have more homework. We are doing much more homework than we did before. We do homework both on the internet and in our book.” 
Change Danish course

Rashida - from D2 to D3

Rashida from Sierra Leon has also changed Danish course, from the Danish course 2 to the Danish course 3. She would like to take an education in Denmark.

“ I changed from Danish 2 to Danish 3, because in the future, I would like to be a nurse. The Danish 3 course is more difficult and advanced and we use many words and work more with grammar.

It is completely different compared to Danish 2 and I am doing a lot of homework."

Change Danish course

Gabriela - from D3 to D2

Gabriela comes from Brazil. Her father is Danish and her mother is Brazilian. She grew up in Brazil. At home, she used to speak Portuguese and not Danish. “I haven’t learnt Danish as a child, except the words chocolate and dog”, says Gabriela.

She came to Denmark one year and a half ago, because she wanted to learn more about the Danish culture. “ I felt that I didn't know half of myself ”. She found a job, one month after arriving to Denmark. She started the Danish course 3, 2 months after her arrival to Denmark.

“I was very happy to go to Danish classes and I had a lot of time to do my homework and to come to school every day. But, eventually I started to be very busy with my job and to have less time for homework.

When I came to school, I thought that it was difficult, because everything was moving so fast. So I have agreed together with my teacher, to change to Danish course 2. I am very happy that I have changed. The pace is more relaxed, and I have time to both learn Danish at the language center and to work.

It was better for me to change to the Danish course 2, because it works better with my learning tempo. During the Danish 2 course, we talk more about things that make me happy."

Change Danish course

Anna - from D3 to D2

"My name is Anna and I come from Italy. I started the Danish course 3, at Copenhagen Language Center, because I have a long education and because I can speak English.

I went to the class for approximately one month. We learnt things very fast and the teacher could see that I was a bit stressed. So she asked me if I would prefer to continue with the Danish course 2. So, I decided to change and I am very happy about it.

It takes time to learn a language and if people work, they don’t have time for Danish, and it takes longer. The Danish course 3 better suits people who speak Scandinavian languages, German and Dutch.

When adults try to learn a language, they can get frustrated very fast. I have an education and I have learnt four languages, Italian, Spanish, English and Germn. But, I think that because I am a bit older, it’s difficult to learn a new language. I don’t think that young people think it’s that difficult."

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