Career evening 16: An expat’s guide to successful storytelling

Wednesday, November 23rd, Copenhagen Language Center hosted our 16th Career Evening for international talent: Storytelling in the Danish job market.

As part of Career Evening 16, we collaborated with the organization Social Entrepreneurship Copenhagen (Socentcph) and invited guest speakers to share their know-how on storytelling techniques and tips and tricks to shaping your story.

Use storytelling to achieve your career goals

During the event, the invited guest speakers presented their own unique experiences to communicate clear and powerful narratives with the aim to inspire participants in growing their careers or business in Denmark.

The program for Career Evening 16 was designed to provide the opportunity to network as well as to learn the following aspects:

  • The science of storytelling
  • Story structure and delivery
  • How to achieve your career goals through storytelling

Guest speakers and programme

Also, with respect to the event’s topic, our participants could meet guest speakers and representatives from:

  • 3m / IT University of Cph: Raluca Stana, analytics specialist/assistant lecturer
  • Napatech: Anee Jayaraj, content marketing manager
  • Connecting cultures: Sabeeka Albuainain, consultant & country specialist recruiter
  • Socentcph: Adriana Romero, founder

Thank you for participating, we hope you found the guest speakers’ stories and the tools to storytelling useful.

Career evening 16 provided an opportunity to network as well as a chance to ask your questions. The program included:

  • A brief introduction to storytelling as a tool
  • Inspiration from fellow expats’ stories
  • Guide to successful storytelling
  • Q&A panel discussion
  • A chance to meet and network with like-minded people

Find video, pics and slides from Career Evening 16 here:

In cooperation with Social Entrepreneurship Copenhagen

SOCENTCPH aims to strengthen and inspire the social entrepreneurship community in Copenhagen through sharing of knowledge and ideas, mobilizing resources collectively and networking relations.


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  • Bernadetta Zborowska

    Hej 😉
    I would love to attend the meeting. Is the waiting queue for tickets long or I can expect to still get it?
    Best regards 😉

    1. Camilla Svane

      Hi Bernadetta,

      I recommend that you try to show up this evening. I am sure we will be able to squeeze you in 🙂

      Best regards
      Camilla, Kbh Sprogcenter

  • François

    I am unable to attend. I want to cancel my registration.

  • Belma

    I am unable to attend. I want to cancel my registration.

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