Career Evening 15: The Danish sustainability turn and career strategies to tap into it.

Wednesday, May 25th 2016, we hosted our 15th Career Evening - a free career event and employer Q & A panel discussion for international job seekers

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Our Career evenings are free and open to everyone with Danish as a second language – this includes but is not limited to students at Copenhagen Language Center.

Free career event and employer Q & A panel discussion for international job seekers

On Wednesday, May 25th 2016, Copenhagen Language Center hosted our 15th Career Evening for international talents.

Go Green – is it a truly promising path for your future career?

The movement towards a more sustainable future is getting a lot of attention in these years. Green jobs are growing in number and popularity across all sectors of the economy, and this trend is expected to continue.

With renewable energy and efforts to combat global warming high on the list of national priorities, Denmark is (still) one of the countries which are in the forefront of the movement towards an environmentally sustainable future. Therefore, job seekers can reasonably assume green careers are real and here to stay.

In our effort to connect between job seekers and experts in this field, we are inviting larger and smaller companies to give us a cutting edge in trends of the green agenda.

For all individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in the green revolution, during our career evening, you will have opportunities to find out:

  • What are green job possibilities? How fast is this trend’s growth in number and popularity in Denmark?
  • Where are we going in 5 - 20 years from now? What does it look like from a start-up and corporate perspective?
  • How can our new co-citizens be included in this process? How can we hook up with this trend? How can we bring our talents to use in the area of the green revolution?
  • How to maximize your full potential and ultimately build the career you have always hoped for within the top? What knowledges, skills and experiences should you prepare in order to succeed in this field?

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Company representatives for Career Evening

  • Novo Nordisk: Scott Dille, Team Leader, Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Sustainia: Katie McCrory, Senior Global Communications Lead
  • Foopla: Kamil Dudebro, CEO
  • LØS Market: Frédéric Hamburger, CEO (former Export manager for ARLA and Harboe)

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