Body parts – Danish vocabulary

Learn how to say the various parts of the body in Danish, from your head to your toes and listen to the pronunciation below.
Facial parts in Danish

How to say the different facial parts in Danish

How can you know when to use 'en' or 'et' [a/an/one]? Danes usually just know the article of a word because they hear and see the words so often, but it's difficult for new Danish learners.

A few rules do exist that can help you define the article of certain Danish words, but not nearly enough. If in doubt, just use ‘en’ as this is the most commonly used article.

 Singular indefinite form

 Singular definite form

Et hoved [a head] hovedet [the head]
Et ansigt [a face] ansigtet [the face]
En pande [a forehead] panden [the forehead]
Et øre [an ear] øret [the ear]
En øreflip [an ear lobe] øreflippen [the ear lobe]
En næse [a nose] næsen [the nose]
Et næsebor [a nostril] næseboret [the nostril]
En mund [a mouth] munden [the mouth]
En læbe [a lip] læben [the lip]
En tand [a tooth] tanden [the tooth]
Et øje [an eye] øjet [the eye]
Et øjenlåg [an eyelid] øjenlåget [the eyelid]
Et øjenbryn [an eyebrow] øjenbrynet [the eyebrow]
En øjenvippe [an eyelash] øjenvippen [the eyelash]
En hage [a chin] hagen [the chin]
En kind [a cheek] kinden [the cheek]
Body parts in Danish

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Body parts in Danish

The table below lists all the different body parts in Danish. Click on the icons to hear the pronunciation.

Singular indefinite form

Singular definite form

Et hår [a hair] håret [the hair]
En hals [a throat] halsen [the throat]
En skulder [a shoulder] skulderen [the shoulder]
En arm [an arm] armen [the arm]
En albue [an elbow] albuen [the elbow]
En hånd [a hand] hånden [the hand]
Et bryst [a breast / chest] brystet [the breast / chest]
En mave [a stomach / belly] maven [the stomach / belly]
En navle [a navel] navlen [the navel] 
En numse [a bottom]  numsen [the bottom]
En bagdel [a behind] bagdelen [the behind]
En røv [an arse] røven [the arse]
Et ben [a leg] benet [the leg]
Et knæ [a knee] knæet [the knee]
Et skinneben [a shin] skinnebenet [the shin]
En ankel [an ankle] anklen [the ankle]
En fod [a foot] foden [the foot]

Danes actually have lots of sayings with body parts. 'Røv' is one of our favorite ones. Learn Danish expressions and phrases with body parts here:

Danish pronunciation - fingers and hands

What are the fingers called in Danish?

You use your hands every day to do thousands of things, but you probably still have no idea what the different fingers are called in Danish. Not to worry ... We've got your back 🙂

Check out most of the words below. Like Germans, Danes like to combine words to make new ones.

 Singular indefinite form

 Singular definite form

En hånd [a hand] hånden [the hand]
En kno [a knuckle] knoen [the knuckle]
En håndflade [a palm] håndfladen [the palm]
Et håndled [a wrist] håndleddet [the wrist]
En tommelfinger [a thumb] tommelfingeren [the thumb]
En pegefinger [an index finger] pegefingeren [the index finger]
En langfinger [a middle finger] langfingeren [the middle finger]
En ringfinger [a ring finger] ringfingeren [the ring finger] 
En lillefinger [a little finger]  lillefingeren [the little finger]
En fingernegl [a finger nail] fingerneglen [the finger nail]
En fingerspids [a fingertip] fingerspidsen [the fingertip]
Danish words for toes and foot

What are the toes called in Danish?

We only know the names of the big toe and little toe in Danish. Do the rest of the toes have names in Danish or in any other language?

Singular indefinite form

Singular definite form

En fod [a foot] foden [the foot]
En hæl [a heel] hælen [the heel]
En storetå [a big toe] storetåen [the big toe]
En lilletå [a little toe] lilletåen [the little toe]
En fodsål [a sole of the foot] fodsålen [the sole of the foot]
En tånegl [a toe nail] tåneglen [the toe nail]
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You thought we were prudes ...

... but we didn't forget. Guess you just don't want to learn the naughty parts from your Danish teacher 😉

Singular indefinite form

Singular definite form

En pik [a dick] pikken [the dick]
En penis [a penis] penissen [the penis]
En tissemand [a tinkle] tissemanden [the tinkle]
En fisse [a pussy] fissen [the pussy]
En skede [a vagina] skeden [the vagina]
En tissekone [a tinkle for girls] tissekonen [the tinkle]

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