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In case you have missed some of our most popular blogs and Facebook posts, just have a look at this summary. We have collected the most liked and commented posts we have made in 2017. Lots of Danish to learn ... not enough time. Right?

Top 8 best - liked blog posts

Let's be honest, the biggest challenge with learning Danish is actually pronouncing all those similar vowels in the right way. Remember that all our blog posts also have sound, so you don't only learn new words, but you can also practice your pronunciation 😉

danish hygge

Danish hygge

Hygge is an important and well-used word in Danish. Denmark can be dark, cold and dreary up to six months a year and it rains often. To survive the Danish weather, hygge is a vital part of life in Denmark.

We’re not going do an in-depth analyses of Danish hygge. Instead, we’ll list our definition as well as a few words and equipment that can all be part of the concept.

All about Danish hygge 

Danish beer slang

Danish beer slang made easy

Beer is a really social drink here in Denmark. People get both chattier and friendlier after a few rounds. Beer is also a great way to meet Danes and impress them with your Danish language skills.

P.S. You actually don’t need to drink the beer, just use it as a conversation starter.

All about Danish beer slang 

Danish expressions with arse

Danish expressions with arse

Danes are definitely not shy about using words that in some cultures are considered taboos or simply rude. Who would have thought that the word ‘røv’ would be so popular and casually used in Danish?

We won't encourage you to swear, but should the situation demand it, here are a few colourful Danish expressions.

 All about Danish expressions with arse 

Danish slang

Danish slang for the cool kids

We can all agree that knowing how to use slang in a new language really makes a difference when trying to speak with the locals. 

We have put together some of the most used words to express that something is awesome, to express surprise, doubt and to briefly describe day-to-day situations.

All about Danish slang for the cool kids

Danish homophones

Danish homophones

This blog post is about the homophones and other tricky words that make you go 'ARGH' in Danish language. A homophone is a word that has (nearly) the same sound as another word, but has different spelling and meaning.

But before you convince yourself to give up on this entire language-learning thing, let us try to reassure you that there is still hope,

All about Danish homophones


Hello and goodbye in Danish

Learning how to greet someone is an important step in learning the Danish language. While greeting someone might sounds simple, it's not always the simplest thing to do. Read this blog post and you’ll be able to greet people properly and without sounding impolite or improper.

All about hello and goodbye in Danish

Danish values

Danish values

What characterises and shapes Denmark and the Danes? The Danish Ministry of Culture conducted a survey in Autumn 2016 called the “Danish Canon”

The students in one of our DU 3 – Module 5 class asked each other about what values they consider to be typically Danish. Most of the students recognise the Danish values from the top-10 list, but they also point to completely different aspects of Denmark and Danes.

Read all about Danish values


Learn Danish numbers

You might already know the Danish numbers after having practiced them in class repeatedly. Yet, you probably continue to mix up all the numbers from 50 to 90 and repeating your own phone number still makes you want to cry.

Even if you already speak Danish fairly well, you can still benefit from a refresher course when it comes to large amounts and ordinal numbers and dates. 

All about Danish numbers

Top 12 best Facebook posts

We have developed a passion for Danish expressions, idioms and phrases. Every Friday we share on our Facebook page, a collection of funny theme-based Danish expressions.

It's actually unbelievable that the Danish language can be that hilarious :)). Find more of our fun  posts on our Facebook page. 

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We are up for a challenge. Do you have any suggestions for 2018, or maybe some unanswered questions regarding Danish language and culture? Don't hesitate to write to us. Remember sharing is caring 😀

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