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    Danish work culture

Danish work culture

Course information

Make your working life easier by gaining an understanding of the Danish work culture. This course provides you with insight into your Danish workplace, and teaches you the subtle rules that you may confront in a Danish organization. Some of the issues that may be addressed are: How to stand out as an individual working in a highly cooperative environment. How final decisions are made when many meetings appear to have no concrete conclusions. How to understand your boss’s expectations and improve communication. In this course we work with challenges like these while you share your experiences with other participants and expand your network.

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  • Undervisningsform:

    Mix between classroom teaching in Vesterbro and city excursions in the center of Copenhagen

  • Antal deltagere:

    8 to 20 participants 

  • Undervisningssprog:


  • Undervisingsgange:

    4 Thursdays at 16:30-19:00

    Dates: 1/13 – 1/20 – 1/27 – 2/3

  • Information:

    Further details will be sent via email once signed up

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What you get from this course

You will learn about the special conditions of the Danish workplace, whether you work in a Danish company, have a Danish boss or deal with Danish employees. This will let you steer clear of potential misunderstandings and guide you to improve your career. You will understand the background of the flat hierarchy, the managing of meetings, the informal tone and how to handle team work and interaction with your Danish boss.

The course is for you if:

– you want to understand the unspoken codes of the Danish work culture

– you need better knowledge of Danish management and how to navigate it

– you want practical tools for communication with Danish colleagues and managers

– you want to develop your career in Denmark

About the course


- City walk in Copenhagen to give you a deeper understanding of the historical context to Danish workplace culture.

- Workshop at Copenhagen Language Center to provide a theoretical overview and to practice specific situations and dilemmas in your work life.

- Visit to a labor organization to provide insight into the Danish labor market as well as information about contracts and terms for your job in Denmark.

- Workshop with focus on developing your job and career in Denmark

The course is aimed at people who already have a job at a Danish workplace. However, the course can also be useful if you want to find work in Denmark and want to understand which cultural codes you need to crack to find a job. Still, we cannot offer individual and specific job search assistance.

The course is a mix of traditional classes and activities outside of the language center.

Your teacher focuses on your needs and seeks to create a positive atmosphere with room for dialogue and engagement. It is our hope that as you learn to understand Denmark and the Danes better, you will gain motivation in your study of the Danish language.

Culture courses
Seats available
Start: 13 Jan 2022
995 kr
16:30 - 19:00 / Thursday
13 Jan 2022 - 03 Feb 2022
Jens Frahm-Rasmussen
Max.20 students

Class 123-1136

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Danish work culture