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    Parenting & the Danish School System

Parenting & the Danish School System

Course information

Get the best out of your children’s time in Denmark, and share your experiences with other parents in the same situation. The Danish school system is ranked as one of the best in the world, but you might still find it difficult to adjust to. Are Danish children just allowed to do anything? Why doesn’t your child get much homework in Danish schools? Why is there so much group work and so few individual assignments? If you are used to a different school system and a different form of upbringing, it may be unclear what the Danish school can do for your child. We help you along the way.

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  • Undervisningsform:

    Mix between classroom teaching in Vesterbro and city excursions in the center of Copenhagen

  • Antal deltagere:

    8 to 20 participants 

  • Undervisningssprog:


  • Undervisingsgange:

    4 Mondays from 16:30-19:00

    Dates: 1/10 – 1/17 – 1/24 – 1/31

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What you get from this course

Learn about life as a parent in Denmark and gain useful knowledge about what to expect when you have a child in school, kindergarten or nursery in Denmark. Perhaps you are puzzled about the way Danish parents raise their children, or you do not know much about the teaching methods in Danish schools. With this course you will be introduced to some of the theories and practices that characterize the pedagogy used in Denmark.

The course is for you if:

  • want to know more about how Danish schools function
  • want more knowledge about Danish parenting
  • want to understand your role as a parent in a Danish school/children’s institution
  • want to learn about pedagogy and teaching methods in Denmark e.g. group work, homework and disciplinary method
  • would like the opportunity to meet other parents in the same situation as you

About the course


  • City walk to explain the historical context of childhood and education in Denmark
  • Workshop at Copenhagen Language Center to give an overview of Danish child rearing and didactics
  • Visit to a Danish school to explore how a Danish school functions
  • Activities targeted to the group's needs (e.g. outdoor puzzlewalk)

The course is a mix of traditional classes and activities outside of the language center.

Your teacher focuses on your needs and seeks to create a positive atmosphere with room for dialogue and engagement. It is our hope that as you learn to understand Denmark and the Danes better, you will gain motivation in your study of the Danish language.

Culture courses
Seats available
Start: 10 Jan 2022
995 kr
16:30 - 19:00 / Monday
10 Jan 2022 - 31 Jan 2022
Berit Viuf
Max.20 students

Class 123-1135

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Parenting & the Danish School System