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  • About Insight Journeys

    About Insight Journeys

    Insight Journeys organises fun and active courses that help you get the best out of your life in Denmark.

Insight Journeys is a newly established company in Copenhagen focused on giving insight into Danish Culture. We customize our tours, courses and events, so they fit your specific needs. We wish to inform, surprise and enrich you on a highly professional level, and we love to find the activity that will make your arrangement unique.

Berit Viuf


Berit Viuf is a journalist, and has for a number of years worked with communication and teaching in a number of Danish companies, research institutions and organizations. In her youth, Berit lived in USA, Argentina and Brazil and has become acquainted with the challenges that can occur when living in a foreign culture.

She has two adult children, whom have both attended Danish primary and secondary school, and who are currently pursuing degrees.

Berit’s three tips for living in Denmark

  • Learn Danish. Even though you can get along easily speaking English in Denmark, you will miss out on many social events, as locals will tend to converse in Danish when not speaking directly to you.
  • Join a club. It doesn’t matter if it is football, ceramics or wine tasting. Two thirds of all Danes are engaged in a club or association, so this is where you meet new friends.
  • Take initiative. Danes do often not do much social outreach, but tend to stick to the same group of people. Proposals for socializing is appreciated though. Don’t be afraid to suggest things to do.

Jens Frahm-Rasmussen


Jens Frahm-Rasmussen is a specialist on Danish workplace culture, and Danish culture in general. He has lived in the US, Argentina and Germany, apart from his native Denmark, and divides his time between doing workshops, and working as guide and tour leader. He holds a M.Sc. in intercultural management from Copenhagen Business School.  

Jens’ three tips for living in Denmark 

  • Go online. Use the internet to find groups and activities and get out there. There are many offers, such as facebook groups, (events in local groups), social networking at Internations, or the many other things taking place in Copenhagen.
  • Dive under the surface. Keep an open mind, even when nothing in your new country makes sense. There will always be some sort of logic behind the things you find strange or even wrong. Understanding this makes things easier and more enjoyable, also if you don’t agree. Look for answers in literature, music, films or documentaries about your new country. Or as we offer on this website; take a course on different aspects of the culture you live in. 
  • Chance for change. When you start a life somewhere new, you often have more time on your hand and less things to hold you back, so make a commitment to yourself to use this as an advantage. Take the opportunity to get rid of inappropriate habits, to make new friends and learn new skills.


Insight Journeys

For questions regarding the courses: Parenting & The Danish school system, Build social networks in Denmark, Understand Denmark and the Danes, contact:

Berit Viuf: [email protected]

For questions regarding the courses: Suceed at the Danish Workspace, Build social networks in Denmark, Understand Denmark and the Danes, contact:

Jens Frahm-Rasmussen: [email protected]

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