Our partners

Copenhagen Language Center has formed a number of partnerships with professional organizations, interest groups and companies that bring opportunities and benefits to both our customers and us.

Below you will find some of our business partners:


Onboarding 2 Denmark help your organization with onboarding your new employee so you can focus on the most important part: getting your new employee started at his or her new job in Denmark. Recruitment, Managing expectations interviews, Work permit, CPR no., NemID, E-boks, Bank account.

Settwell Relocation

Settwell Relocation has the experience and knowhow for any relocation to turn out right, allowing transferee to focus on the work related tasks straight away = higher productivity, less stress for all involved. Settwell Relocation´s services therefore mean better value for money for any internationally hiring organization.

Globally Local

Globally Local assists Expats and Global Danes meaningfully integrate in Denmark, while helping Danish and global organisations become more attractive places for global talent to thrive and stay. Globally Local achieves this by working with the private, public and educational sector; offering a variety of services to help achieve diversity management, sustainable integration and internationalisation goals.