At Copenhagen Language Center we have almost 30 years of experience teaching Danish to non-native speakers. Learn Danish in a lively and multicultural environment, where we focus on more than good teaching.

Corona status per January 2022

FVU-students at Copenhagen Language Center must be able to show corona passport to attend class. All our teachers have valid corona passports. Everyone must wear a facemask when walking in the halls. In the class room you can take off your mask.

If you are not a FVU-student, you can attend class without a corona passport.  

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Copenhagen Language Center offers Danish courses from beginner to advanced level. We are located in the heart of Copenhagen and have 25 years of experience in teaching Danish as a second language.

As a leading Danish language school in Copenhagen, we are committed to ensuring that our students thrive and succeed – in our Danish classes and in Danish society.

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At Copenhagen Language Center we offer free courses for people who have Danish as their second language (FVU courses). 

We offer: 

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Much more than good teaching

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