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Danish language training for international employees

It has been an excellent mentor course that suited my learning style perfectly. In a lot of ways it exceeded my expectations. I not only developed my Danish proficiency, but also came to understand the work culture - e.g. how to communicate in the workplace.

Mahad Hassan Aden, projektmedarbejder, Privat Controlling, Codan Forsikring A/S

The course was well delivered and very informative. It was tailored to our needs and helped our team immensely. We received excellent service and it is very likely that we will use Copenhagen Language Center again.

Thomas Ernst Pedersen, Proces Manager, Codan Forsikring A/S

To sum it up, it has beeen the perfect Danish course. I have previously received language training, where the answer to all my questions where: That’s just the way it is. With Copenhagen Language Center I was given real explanations. It has been so great to have a teacher with a true interest for languages.

Chris Calvert, Flash Developer, Wasabi A/S